Youth Corner

Youth has a significant role in the development of every country. In the present dismal situation we need to impart civic education to secure our better future. The best investment under current scenarios would be educating the youth. We are surrounded by multiple calamities and we cannot meet these challenges without an active participation of the youth as a catalyst of change. They need to change themselves and their attitude and their approach must be based on sensibility, responsibility, tolerance and patience. To become an active and healthy participant to the society and to brighten the future they should avoid following anti-social activities like: 
  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Misuse of fireworks
  • Shouting or noisy behavior in silence zones e.g. near hospitals or outside someone’s house, etc.
  • Using rude, abusive or insulting language
  • Threatening behavior or bullying, including on the internet, mobile phones or other electronic media
  • Uncontrolled or dangerous dogs, assault, street crime/theft
  • Misuse of vehicles e.g. blocking access, noisy radios and wheel spinning
  • Excessive usage of drugs, buying and selling drugs


As an active citizen, it is our responsibility to be calm and supportive in the following situations:
  • If you are being stopped that does not mean that you are under arrest or that you have necessarily done something wrong.
  • If you are stopped by the police, you are required to stay for the duration of the search. If necessary, you will not be allowed to walk away
  • We must use the search powers fairly, responsibly and with respect for people and without discrimination
  • We must make sure that the search time is kept to the minimum
  • The search must take place near to where you are stopped, except on occasions where moving you would protect your privacy
  • You will be given a form to take away that outlines the reason that you were searched
As a young individual, you must know the answers to the following questions:

What age can I drive?
18+ with a valid Learner's Permit or a License.

What is the 'Age of Delinquency’?
12 or under is considered a 'Minor'. No concession after this age for an offence.

Is smoking an offence?
Yes, under 18 and at all public places under the new prohibition of Smoking Law.

Is smoking 'Shisha' an offence?
Surely it is, shisha is smoking and a cafe or restaurant is a public place.

Can I marry without my parents' consent?
18+, legally yes, but we don't recommend it as it is against our social norms.

Is dating an offence?
Driving or Dining out is not, but touching or even staring at a woman is, under the new protection of women law.

Is explicit Internet content an offence?
Yes, displaying or viewing it is, can get 6 months in jail on conviction.

What are the government rules for net-cafe?
No cabins, no underage consumers, no explicit content, must close at 10 pm without exceptions.

How can I help the police?
By reporting a crime or a criminal at this website here or directly to your local police station.

Can I complaint against the police?
Yes, you may, but malicious & false complaint is an offence punishable under Law.

Can I arrest a suspect or criminal under Law?
Yes, you may, and immediately inform Police, but not advisable as it may be risky for you.

Is domestic violence an offence?
Yes, you must report it.

Can teachers give physical punishment?
No, they can't, but we must learn to respect them like our own parents.

Can police stop me and ask for my ID or license anytime?
Yes, they may, keep your ID, CNIC, driving license & ownership proof of vehicle with you.

What do I do if I am stopped by a police?
Prove your ID.

Should I report on-campus offence to police?
Yes, if it is serious, you must.

How do I check that the bike I want to purchase is genuine?
Go to Rescue 15 office and confirm that either the vehicle is stolen or not.

Is using a stolen bike an offence, even if I don't know it?
Yes, it is.

Is one-wheeling an offence?
Yes, 6 months in jail on conviction.