Afghanistan is called the Golden Crescent in International Narcotics Trade. It is the largest producer of Narcotics like Opium, Heroin and Hashish (Charas). Unfortunately, since the Afghan War in 1989, Pakistan has suffered a huge influx of drugs due to porous borders with Afghanistan and resultantly has the highest number of (5 million) drug addicts in the world. District Rawalpindi is among the sufferers of narcotic trafficking. The fact that the narcotics’ dealers are using women and children for trafficking has added more complexity to the issue. However, the Police Department of District Rawalpindi is ready to take on the challenge.

Issues of Narcotics in the District

Rawalpindi police is aware of the fact that narcotics pushing is a serious issue which has engulfed many lives and crippled many families. Police, therefore, carried out a comprehensive Intelligence Survey of Narcotics Peddlers in the district and launched an effective crackdown against them during the year 2013 & 2014. In 2013, 3471 narcotics cases were registered and 39.823 kg Heroin, 660.971 kg Charas, 63.616 kg Opium & 36295 liters alcohol was recovered. In 2014, 3241 narcotics cases were registered and 40.084 kg Heroin, 2386.722 kg Charas, 74.626 kg Opium and 26138 liters alcohol was recovered. Narcotics mainly are transported from Peshawar (KPK) to Rawalpindi via Motorway or G.T Road.

The fact that now the narcotics pushers in the street are using women and young children for narcotics trafficking has added some complexity to the issue. However, Rawalpindi Police is ready to take on the challenge. If you see any drug-pushing around you, then please report at 15 or concerned police station about narcotics dealer in your area and let the city police take care of the rest.