Community Policing

The District Rawalpidni Police believes in smart and efficient policing for the smooth functioning of a society. In order to turn our dream of facilitating the public into a reality, we have taken the following measures:
  • We always treat public fairly with dignity and respect ensuring they have fair access to our services.
  • We provide public with information so they know who their dedicated neighborhood police teams are, where they are based, how to contact them and how to work with them.
  • We arrange regular public meetings to access public priorities, at least once a month.  
  • We provide them updates on police performance, local crime and policing issues.
  • We focus on the needs of community and listen and responds to their policing issues.
  • We continuesly meet public to identify their areas of concern and the priorities on which they want us to focus.
  • We improve our performance by the public feedback.    
  • We use social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.